If you’ve never had a massage before, here’s a brief description of the process. First, we’ll go over your health history and physical condition. Please let me know what you’re looking to accomplish with massage. If your lower back is particularly sore or perhaps your neck/upper shoulders, I can customize the massage to address those areas more thoroughly.  Or are you just looking to relax and let go of stress? Massage can help your muscles relax and let go of tension.

After our brief talk, I’ll leave the room so you can undress to your comfort level and cover yourself on the table with a sheet/blanket. Most people undress completely while others like to leave on their underwear, it’s up to you. As each area of your body is massaged, your arm, leg or back, for example, only that area will be uncovered.

My studio is softly lit with relaxing music playing and an assortment of aromatherapy massage oils are available to suit a variety of treatments:  

These oils help to enhance the effects of the massage and eliminate any friction to your skin.  The added benefit is a wonderful moisturizing of your skin that’s absorbed beautifully without a greasy residue. Aromatherapy diffusions are also available to gently scent the air during your appointment and further the benefits of your massage.

Massage is very easy to customize to your specific needs as is the pressure used. It’s important to keep me informed if you are in any discomfort at any time or if the pressure needs to be changed.   

 I will let you know quietly when your massage is over. Please take your time to assimilate the massage before you get up from the table and dress.  Then we can discuss what techniques were helpful so I can note it for your next appointment .

Communication is key, so please let me know if you are too warm, too cold, need to use the bathroom or if the pressure is too much/too little. Your massage is all about you and your comfort, always !









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