Massage time

Dear Friends. Love this time of the year, especially being out in the garden! Aren’t the longer days wonderful? June has certainly snuck up on me, I can’t believe Memorial Day weekend is behind us already!

In honor of our summer season, my June special will extend till Labor Day with a theme of better self care: a 30 minute massage for $30 ( Massage A Month club members get it for $25). This is a stand alone special, not to be combined with a longer session, as it’s to encourage you to get some extra work to help a specific issue such as a chronic stiff neck, low back pain or address stress relief. Or perhaps all that spring cleaning or gardening/yard work has given you some aches and pains that you’re seeking to relieve; a 30 minute tune-up can do wonders! Please contact me to schedule at your earliest convenience as my schedule fills quickly, evening and Sunday appointments usually go first.

If you have a chance, check out this stretch of the month for your neck :

Christine’s yoga classes will continue this month on Thursdays at:

* Waterford Community/Senior Center at 10 am for $4- open to the public

* Halfmoon Senior Center at 1 pm for $3- must be a member

Be good to yourselves every day! Remember to stay hydrated, eat the best food you can and stretch a little every chance you get. You deserve to treat yourself with care ! 

Peace and love,