Hello again Friends,


Hope you are all keeping some self care routines in your day, if only to keep some kind of schedule. It’s funny, I always thought “if I only had time…” all the things that I’d get done, especially loads of cleaning, except that gets old real quick when the days just stretch out ahead of you 🙂 


And speaking of days stretching out, I will continue to stay closed until at least April 15. We are watching this virus closely and trying to take all precautions to keep ourselves and others safe. We hope you are all safe too and doing your part to keep well.


Technology has been helpful as a resource for communication and learning. And now I’m trying to learn Tai Chi on YouTube along with a couple of new recipes that I’m going to make once I can get all of the items. Although my pantry is very full till then as my tightening clothes can attest too. But it’s fun to try new things, especially food! It’s medicinal, isn’t it? 🙂


Drink lots of water, get your sleep and don’t forget to stretch please. Miss you all and hope to see you soon!


Peace and love,




Hello Friends,

Hope you are all trying to take good care of yourselves as we head into the winter months. Remember that hydration is more important than ever (heat’s on!) and eating healthy (as often as possible 🙂 to build up your immune system so you can fight off all those icky viruses!

And since massage is such a great way to practice self care, my gift certificates should come in handy whether it’s a gift for yourself, friends or family. Members of my Massage A Month Club can purchase gift certificates at their discounted rates ($35 for 30 mins, $65 for 60 mins, $95 for 90 mins) at any time. 

Non members are welcome to buy single certificates or 3 packs at a discount:

$40 for 30 mins or $110 for 3/30 mins

$75 for 60 mins or $205 for 3/60 mins

$105 for 90 mins or $300 for 3/90 mins

Gift certificates may be put on a client’s account, mailed or you may arrange pickup from my mailbox, whichever works best for you. 

Thank you all so much for your support! I am so grateful for you all and the blessings you bring to my life <3  Spread some joy this season and keep well!

Peace and love,





Marvelous March Greetings

Hope this finds you all well and eager for spring! My friend John brought to my 
attention that I never did a February newsletter, where did the month go? Time 
to get back on track! 

So, my special this month is my new Rejuvenator package for $60 in my updated 
treatment room: 

* 20 minute chair massage to release tight muscles in neck, shoulders and back 
* Hot paraffin hand wax treatment plus hand massage to deeply moisturize and soothe 
* Detoxing foot soak with essential oils plus foot massage to cleanse and nourish
* Harney & Sons Herbal teas to hydrate and detox 

If you have not yet visited my updated treatment room, please do so during your next appointment. A new cozy rug, comfy chairs, soft lighting, aromatherapy and relaxing music set the tone for relaxation.  The treatment room is adjoining the massage studio, so it’s easy to extend your regular appointment with a totally new experience. And, as always, gift certificates are available for this package too.

Mary Treatment Room

We spring ahead on March 10 and I can’t wait to get out in our garden! Time to 
stretch those muscles in preparation for spring cleaning and weeding. Here’s 
this month’s video from my fave physical therapists, hope you find these 
stretches helpful: 

Recently, I’ve been taking an extended continuing education class in 
aromatherapy from Jennifer Sowle, owner of Saratoga Aromatherapy. The quality of 
her beneficial products have so impressed me that I am now using her oils 
exclusively in my practice. Please take a peek at her web page, 
saratogaaromatherapy.com if you are interested. During your next appointment, I 
would be delighted to share these oils with you so we can find one 
that will most benefit you and your massage experience! 


Chair yoga classes continue this month on Thursday mornings at the Waterford 
Community Center with my daughter Christine of Black Bird Yoga. Hour long 
classes begin at 10 am, beginners are always welcome for $4 per class. Help 
yourself feel better in body and mind with this wonderful, simple practice. 

Be grateful for the little things, 

Attachments areaPreview YouTube video Hand, Wrist, & Forearm Strengthening (Best Exercises-in our Opinion)Hand, Wrist, & Forearm Strengthening (Best Exercises-in our Opinion)