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Just a quick explanation on how to subscribe to an RSS feed like the one at .
Simply put, by subscribing to a site’s RSS feed, you have the ability to
receive new posts/pages from a site automatically sent to you.
So now, you would not have to click to a site, find the post you want to read,
& click on the post.
Instead, it would be automatically sent to you
& with only one click you can read, share and enjoy!


The only thing you need to do is pick, and install a RSS Client on your PC.
I know this sounds scary, but it’s really quite simple.
There are many clients to choose from, most are free &
many browsers like Explorer and Firefox have a reader included.
Just Google “Free RSS Reader” and you will see a multitude of choices.

The one I like and use is Feed demon and can be found at:

Click on “download Feed Demon”

This will download the installation program.

If you get a warrning message don’t panic

this is just your browser checking to see if you know what your doing.

Click to “Keep”  the download.

Your browser will download and display the instllation program.

Put your arrow on the download.

Then ususally you right click to open the program.

 The install program will start

The installation is fairly straight forward and easy to follow.
After the reader is up and running then all you have to do is click on
any sites “RSS” button or just type the site name directly into the reader
and you’re all set!

I will say that Mac users will need to use the included reader for your operating system.

Please take the time, install a reader and subscribe to Mary’s site